I started Eternal Balance Candles after going through a difficult period in my life. During that time I suffered from depression and panic attacks. I was not in an environment that was conducive to accessing the resources I needed to maintain my physical and mental health. Especially, as a Black woman. From that, I was trying to figure out a way to engage in self-care. I decided to start getting into meditation after doing some research to help with the panic attacks and depression. Eventually, I decided to deepen my meditation practice by incorporating candles. I made this decision based on the ambiance the candles provided & the calm feeling I got from their aroma. Going through that experience, I started buying candles to have around my apartment. I became passionate about providing that same environment of stress relief, comfort, and relaxation to others. I knew I wanted to raise awareness to a way that people can create warm & restful spaces while encouraging them to be intentional about their self-care to improve their mental health.

Eternal Balance Candles blossomed from a space that allowed me to own my depression, have some agency in that, and intentionally create amazing handmade candles. With Eternal Balance, I am not only challenging myself to rebel against society's expectations around rest being something you earn but encouraging and challenging others to as well. I do this by being authentic & vulnerable about my experiences. After all, Eternal Balance Candles are one of the simplest ways to switch your day from stressful to calming and get the rest YOU deserve. 


We put a special focus on mental health because of the continued stigma that it carries in society. Eternal Balance Candles provide a sense of relaxation that helps calm the mind & body. We care about your space - and whether you're living intentionally.

Adopting a life of intention over time helps root ourselves and re-shape our lives for the better. It is the simple, intentional moments that make a big impact and an Eternal Balance Candle is a reminder of that. We specially make each candle with you in mind. 

💕 Handmade- with intention in Denver, Colorado

💕 Soy Wax- biodegradable, produces less soot with no petrol carbon properties, & burns cleaner

💕 50+ hours of burn time- scent that does not dissipate as your candle burns down

💕 Phthalate, paraben, & preservative free fragrance oils- cleaner fragrance + less soot = healthier for asthma sufferers and does not aggrevate allergies

We are for the candle lovers.