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about ebc

Emerging from a personal journey of healing and self-discovery, Eternal Balance Candles brings a flicker of peace and intentional living into homes, one lovingly-handcrafted candle at a time.

meet kimberlee

Kimberlee's journey with EBC began in a period of personal hardship, marked by depression and panic attacks. In an environment not conducive to accessing necessary resources for her mental and physical well-being, particularly as a Black woman, Kimberlee turned to meditation. She soon discovered that incorporating candles into her practice greatly enhanced the ambiance and provided a sense of calm.

This personal experience ignited her passion for creating a similar environment of stress relief and relaxation for others, leading to the birth of Eternal Balance Candles. Kimberlee's goal was not just to create candles, but to raise awareness about creating warm, restful spaces and to encourage intentional self-care for mental health improvement.

Eternal Balance Candles is more than a brand; it's Kimberlee's statement against the societal expectation that rest must be earned. Through her authenticity & vulnerability, she empowers others to prioritize self-care & mental well-being. her candles are a simple yet profound way to turn a stressful day into one of calm & rest.

our focus is on promoting

Mental Health & Intentional Living

At the heart of Eternal Balance Candles is a deep focus on mental health, acknowledging the stigma it still carries in society. These candles are crafted to provide relaxation, calming both mind and body, and encouraging living with intention. Embracing intentional living over time can fundamentally reshape our lives for the better, and Eternal Balance Candles serve as a gentle reminder of this philosophy.

Eternal Balance Candles is dedicated to all candle lovers who seek to transform their spaces into sanctuaries of peace and mindfulness, one candle at a time.


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For any more tips or questions about getting the most relaxing experience from your candle, feel free to reach out via our contact page.